OREA Exam Private Tutoring

We help you to pass all three exam just in four months.

OREA Course 1 Exam Preparation & Tutoring

This first step to becoming a real estate salesperson: This is the first Course 1 / Phase 1 Exam from OREA which Gives an overview of the benefits, challenges and limitations of a real estate career. Provides details regarding salesperson responsibilities,...

OREA Course 2 Exam Preparation & Tutoring

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Course 1 A demanding, detail-oriented program, Course 2 / Phase 2 gives you the knowledge you need to assist buyers and sellers making marketplace decisions. Course 2 focuses on: Property ownership rights and...

OREA Course 3 Residential Exam Preparation & Tutoring

Pre-requisites: Successful completion of Course 1 and Course 2 In the Course 3 / Phase 3 General & Advanced Residential: Is designed to meet the practical demands of today’s residential marketplace. Emphasizes drafting skills for agency documents,...

OREA Course 3 Commercial Exam Preparation & Tutoring

In the Course 3 General & Advanced Commercial Course: Focus is on basic investment decisions and the fundamentals of buyer/seller representation including proposals and marketing strategies. As with Course 3 Residential, you will draft agreements and...

OREA Real Property Law Articling Exam Preparation & Tutoring

OREA Real Property Law is the only mandatory Articling course you must take. It addresses challenges often faced by practitioners when negotiating offers, preparing agreements, drafting clauses and concluding sales. Subject matter includes documenting...

OREA Principal of Appraisal Exam Preparation & Tutoring

Knowing how to accurately appraise property is crucial to a successful real estate career. This intermediate level appraisal course builds on Phase 1 valuation fundamentals while highlighting the practical day-to-day methodologies needed to accurately...

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